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04 Oct

Well, I just sent out a newsletter to everyone. I hope that you received it and appreciated it. If you didn’t, and you would like to sign up then just put your email in below (fingers crossed that this works).

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I will also try and put it up on the website somewhere, so it is easy to subscribe. Now you may be thinking what is the difference between the blog and the newsletter. Should you sign up for both? Well, this is something that you have to decide on your own, but I think that you should sign up for both.
The Newsletter is only going to go out once a month, where as I try and blog at least once a week, sometimes more and sometimes less. Also, the blog is kind of a spur of the moment, Sally rambling on as usual, nothing particularly important, probably boring but hopefully amusing. Where as the Newsletter is going to be more formal, letting everyone know exactly what is going on with us, what are upcoming events, etc. I also am putting in a “Photo of the month” and also a “Diver of the month” section in each newsletter, so maybe that could be you!
That is all for now, just wanted to let all you faithful blog readers (and by that I mean my parents as after every blog my dad sends me an email telling me what grammatical errors I made) that there is also a Newsletter.

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