Top 5 Dive Sites in St. Martin You Shouldn’t Miss

15 Aug

Planning your trip to St. Martin? Make sure you don’t miss out on the adventures to have underwater. Book a diving tour today to explore all the marine life and underwater landscapes that the island has to offer. Here are the top 5 dive sites you need to check out:

La Renee

La Renee is a fantastic dive site for advanced divers, attracting a diverse variety of marine life to explore. Some of the fish you can see include sharks, sea turtles, giant stingrays, horse eyed jack fish,  barracuda, and eagle rays. La Renee’s depth allows this incredibly diverse variety of marine life to be easily visible to divers. Make sure to not miss one of the most incredible advanced dive sites St. Martin has to offer.

Creole Rock

Creole is one of St. Martin’s most popular dive sites, home to an amazing underwater landscape. Some of the marine life species you can encounter here include seagrass, reefs of varying depths, sandy patches that house numerous species of coral, eagle rays, peacock flounders, shrimp, parrotfish, wrasses, and arrow crabs. Creole rock is safe to dive in all conditions and has produced some of the most breathtaking marine life seen in St. Martin. This is one of the many dive sites in St. Martin perfect for divers of all levels of experience.


Chico is located on the south side of Tintamarre and is a part of the French Nature reserve. Chico is incredibly beautiful, with diverse marine life and gorgeous blue water. Chico is truly one of the most beautiful dive sites St. Martin has to offer, so make sure to visit it on your diving expeditions.

Turtle Reef

Turtle Reef is another one of the Grand Case’s amazing dive sites, like Creole Rock. Keep your eyes peeled for the sea turtles hiding in rocky areas. Some of the marine life you can explore here include brain coral, pillar coral, and soft corals which tropical fish make their home in the shallower areas. Turtle Reef is also suitable for divers of any level of experience, from first timers to course instructor, so don’t miss out on one of the most popular dive sites on St. Martin.

Bass Espagnole

Basse Espagnole is one of St. Martin’s most precious reefs, characterized by slabs of rocks that have become completely covered in corals and surrounded by fish. Some of the marine you can be sure to encounter here include juvenile sharks, lobster, barracuda, and a diverse variety of corals. You can dive here only when no rough waves are present, as a result of the reef’s shallow depth in certain spots. Make sure to visit Bass Espagnole if you have the opportunity, as it’s one of St. Martin’s most special dive sites.

The waters of St. Martin hold the diving adventure of a lifetime, so don’t miss out. Call (914) 595-6450 to book your diving tour today and visit these incredible dive sites.