The Porpoise

Location: In front of Simpson Bay
Access: Boat
Depth: 60 – 95 feet (20 – 28 meters)
Type: Wreck
Look for: Rays, fire worms, big schools of Horse-eyed Jacks and sharks in the blue.

The Porpoise is an artificial wreck that was sunk about 8 years through the collaboration of several diving centers on the island.  She lays in about 95 feet of sand, but this 100 ft long tug boat rises up to about 60 feet in depth.  She used to be straight up in the water, but the large swells or Hurricane Omar in 2008 rocked her onto her side a bit, so now she is on a slant.  For those of you that like wreck diving, or have never been on a wreck dive, then the Porpoise is a great site.  In the sand off the sides of the wreck you can often see huge sting rays nestling themselves in the sand. This wreck is also great for penetration for those divers that are qualified, or to complete the wreck diver specialty, for those divers that are not.