Specialty Courses

PADI Specialty Courses allow divers to learn more in specific skill areas of their choice. Octopus Diving offers the full range of specialty courses in the beautiful waters of St. Martin.


PADI Underwater Photographer
Underwater Photographer is one of our most popular specialty courses. With the proliferation of underwater photography options, from inexpensive point and shoot cameras to housed DSLR systems, it has never been easier or more fun to take underwater photos.  


PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy
The hallmark of an experienced diver is excellent buoyancy. Achieving and maintaining neutral buoyancy allows divers to glide effortlessly through the water, use less air, avoid damaging wildlife or hurting themselves, and take superior photos and videos underwater. During the Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty course, you will learn how to achieve and maintain control over your buoyancy. The course covers everything from how to properly wear and streamline your gear, how to determine the exact amount of weight you will need, and exercises to help you learn how to manage your buoyancy like a pro!  This course is highly recommended for all divers, especially anyone who may wish to someday explore a wreck without kicking up silt or take the perfect underwater photo or video.


Learn Wreck Diving In Saint Martin

Learn Wreck Diving In Saint Martin

PADI Wreck Diver
In the Wreck Diver course you will learn the fundamentals of wreck diving, including how to navigate wrecks and avoid hazards, considerations and techniques for penetrating intact wrecks, and learning to use common wreck diving equipment. Wrecks are one of the most fascinating undersea features, and are often teeming with life, making this one of our most popular courses. Local wrecks in Saint Martin include The Gregory, The Fusheng, The Ro/Ro, The Proselyte and a number of other smaller wrecks, making Saint Martin an increasingly popular wreck diving location in the Caribbean.


Dive to 105 feet at the Fusheng

PADI Deep Diver
The Deep Diver course will teach you about diving in the deeper range of recreational diving, between 18-40 metres/ 60-130 feet. The course consists of coursework to help you understand the effects of diving deeper and learn more about special equipment considerations for deep diving. It also helps you learn how to plan and organize deep dives. The course also includes four deep dives under the supervision of your instructor where you will put what you’ve learned into practice.


Experience the Magic of Night Diving in St Martin

Experience the Magic of Night Diving in St Martin

PADI Night Diver
Night diving can be one of the most magical ways to experience the undersea world. A familiar site visited hundreds of times during the day may be transformed completely at night. Nocturnal sea life never seen during the day may be on the prowl, while familiar fishes are sleeping amongst the coral. Phosphorescent life often transforms the dark water into a starry sky. In the Night Diver PADI specialty course, you will learn special considerations and techniques used to maximize the enjoyment and safety of your night diving.

PADI Search and Recovery Diver
Search and Recovery Diver is a fun and practical PADI specialty course that teaches you search and recovery techniques, including search patterns for large objects, small objects and poor visibility and how to use a lift bag to raise objects to the surface safely. If you ever lose something underwater, you’ll be glad you took this course!


PADI Underwater Navigator
Have you ever wondered how your dive guide knows how to find her way back on seemingly similar terrain? Underwater Navigator will teach you how to know where you are and how find your way back to the boat using a compass, natural navigation, underwater distance estimation and other techniques. You’ll also learn how to make maps underwater and how to “mark” or relocate a submerged object from the surface. These skills will help anyone become a more confident and self-sufficient diver.

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