Nitrox Courses

DSC0230-300x201The Enriched Air Diver Course certifies divers to use Enriched Air Nitrox (usually referred to simply as Nitrox) all over the world. It is one of PADI’s most popular Specialties and the first specialty that most divers take. Why? Diving with Nitrox increases you no decompression time increasing the amount of time that you can spend under the water. Whether you are an underwater photographer, a wreck diver or just a beginner, Enriched Air give divers what we all want, more time in the water.

The Enriched Air Diver Course includes both theory and practical exercises. You will learn the benefits of Nitrox and how to use it to get more bottom time! You will also learn the special equipment considerations needed and also safety considerations, including managing oxygen exposure, how to measure the gas mixes in your tank and also how to calculate you new no decompression time.

The Enriched Air Diver Course dives may also be conducted in conjunction with any other course, so it is now easier than ever to complete. You can participate in this course upon completion of your Open Water program or during the Advanced Diver or any other Specialty Diver courses.

The cost of the course is $199 and this includes all Nitrox mixes for the course, two dives and all equipment necessary. The schedule is just a few hours in the classroom (unless you are a PADI eLearner) and then 2 Dives on Nitrox.

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Also, if you sign up for eLearning with PADI through Octopus Diving (store #799210) then you can do the dives with us for FREE! So you get to do all the knowledge component of the Enriched Air Speciality at home and then come to finish the certification with us, for no extra charge! You can’t really go wrong here! PADI eLearning.

Don’t wait too long, get nitrox certified today! PADI makes is so easy, that if you don’t want to be bogged down with studying while you are on vacation, you can even complete the theory on line at home with PADI eLearning.