Japanese Garden

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Japanese Garden hosts amazing marine life.

Location: Tintamarre (off the French Side)
Access: Boat
Depth: 30-70 feet (9-21 meters)
Type: Reef
Look for: Nurse sharks and a sunken garden.

Japanese Garden is located on the southern side of Tintamarre (or Flat Island as the locals call it). It is part of the French Nature Reserve and it is absolutely stunning. It is maximum 70 feet and minimum 30 feet, although you could stay at either depth and have a great dive. At Japanese the coral is in really healthy condition and is accented by canyons of sand that run down the reef. Here we see lots of nurse sharks, turtles, lobsters and rays. As you go travel west down the reef there is a sunken garden at 60 – 70 feet about 40 feet off of the reef. The coolest thing I have ever seen here is a baby black tip reef shark. It is a nursing ground for these beautiful animals.

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