Chris’s Reef

Chris's Reef | Reef Dive Site | St Maarten Dive Site

Nurse Shark hiding under a rock

Location: Between St. Martin and Anguilla
Access: Boat
Depth: 40 – 60 feet (12 – 20 meters)
Type: Reef
Look for: Lobsters, dolphins, barracuda, nurse sharks, fingerprint flamingo tongues, schools of fish, large green morays.

Chris’ Reef is one of the reefs that Octopus found through exploration diving and using our noggin’s! It lies in between the western side of St Martin and Anguilla and for some reason has a large articulated truck on the reef. You wouldn’t be able to recognize the truck as it has been there such a long time and is now covered with beautiful coral and created a wonderful home for lots of fish. You will see a large V8 engine though, it’s chassis and more. We often see dolphins at this site and also lots of lobsters and often large nurse sharks. It is a beautiful site.


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