Diving St Martin | Reef and Wreck Diving in St Martin

Location: Tintamarre (off the French Side)
Access: Boat
Depth: 35-70 feet (10.5-21 meters)
Type: Reef
Look for: Fan corals and “mushroom” corals.

Chico is located on the southern side of Tintamarre and is part of the Nature Reserve on the French Side. This is the first dive site that I went diving on with Chris when we first came to St. Martin. It was one of the reasons that we decided to buy the business. The water was so blue that day (as it often is) and we were just blown away by the beauty of the site. In the sand, it is about 70 ft, but the top of the reef is about 35 feet. The difference between Chico and Japanese is the type of corals that we get.  Chico has more fan coral swaying in the current, and mushroom corals are abundant.  I’m not sure of the correct name for this, but they look like millions of mushrooms. The coolest thing that I have ever seen at this dive site has to be my encounter with four dolphins… they were huge and beautiful!!!
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