Basse Espagnole

Reef Diving|St Martin | Basse Espgnole

Beautiful endangered Elkhorn coral.

Location: Between St. Martin and Tintamarre
Access: Boat
Depth: 15-45 feet (5-14 meters)
Type: Reef
Look for: Lobsters, barracuda, juvenile sharks, and exceptional corals.

Basse Espagnole is one of our most precious reefs. It lies in the channel between Saint Martin and Tintamarre. With a maximum depth of 45 feet and a minimum depth of 15 feet the life here is amazing. It is characterized by slabs of rocks that have become completely covered in corals and surrounded by fish. Here you are likely to see juvenile sharks, millions of lobsters, tons of barracuda and exceptional corals. We can only dive Basse Espagnole when the weather is calm enough. As the reef becomes so shallow, and the site is exposed to the swells coming through the channel, when it is rough waves will be breaking on the top  of the reef, so we can only dive this site on very special occasions, it is well worth it though.


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