The Proselyte

Location: Dutch Side
Access: Boat
Depth: 55 feet (16 meters)
Type: Wreck/Reef Combo
Look for: Reef sharks checking you out.

The HMS Proselyte was a frigate built in the Netherlands in 1770. It was under British command in 1801 when the crew, who were aware of the location of the reef, failed to account for the current and wrecked the ship on the reef. Much of the wreck has become indistinguishable from the reef by this time, however massive, coral encrusted anchors and cannons that were aboard now stand out as beautiful elements in the reef topography.

This site is comprised of a chain of ridges, teeming with life. There are often a few curious, medium-sized reef sharks that will cruise by, as well as barracuda, and loads of angelfish. The nooks and crannies at this site provide excellent homes for octopus, so keep your eyes peeled. The safety stop at the end of the dive can be done right underneath the boat atop a shallow section of the ridge, where you can spy on tiny, juvenile fish while you wait out your three minutes.