The Fuh Sheng

Fuh Sheng Wreck Dive | Wreck Diving SXM

Amazing visibility at 105 ft.

Location: Dutch Side
Access: Boat
Depth: 110 feet (33.5 meters)
Type: Wreck
Look for: Garden eels in the sand around the wreck.

The Fuh Sheng is a natural wreck. It is a Taiwanese Fishing vessel that was trying to reach the island of Saint Martin before it sank. It didn’t make it, and is now laying in about 110 feet of water. This is a site that we often see sharks coming to. As we are descending down the line, it isn’t unusual to see a shark circling the wreck. The actual wreck is laying on it’s side, and you can’t go inside it, but is does attract a lot of life. I really love the eel garden just off of the bow. There are about 100 eels, but you have to move really slowly, or else they duck down and hide in their holes. The coolest thing that I have ever seen here is a hammerhead shark!
The Fuh Sheng is a great dive site to do some Tec diving as well, so if you are interested in trying out a rebreather, or strapping on a twin set for some deco, check out our sister company Caribbean Technical Diving.  On a normal dive we only get about 20 minutes bottom time due to the depth of this site, which isn’t at all enough time to really appreciate this wreck. On a twinset with accelerated deco on the way back up, you can extend this bottom time to almost and hour.
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