The Bridge

The Bridge | Wreck Dive SXM

One of the wrecks at The Bridge

Location: Dutch side entrance to Simpson Bay
Access: Boat
Depth: 50 feet (14 meters)
Type: Multiple wrecks and a bridge.
Look for: The remains of a bridge and three small wrecks.

The Bridge (or Le Pont in French) is a dive site on the Dutch side just in front of the Dutch entrance to the Simpson Bay Lagoon. It is a maximum depth of 50 feet and it is really four dive sites in one.

The story goes that about 10 years ago a very rich man wanted to put his very large mega yacht into the Simpson Bay Lagoon. However, the opening of the bridge at the time was not large enough to accommodate his mega yacht. So, he paid for the bridge to be taken down and the entrance to the lagoon made larger, and now his very large mega yacht fits through. They took the old Simpson Bay Bridge and placed it in the sand not far from the lagoon.  It doesn’t look so much like a bridge when you see it underwater, it is more a mix of I-beams and unrecognizable slabs of wood and metal. But, it has attracted a lot of life there, often a super huge green turtle. As the bridge itself isn’t very large, the diving centers got together and scuttled three other smaller sailing vessels. These wrecks have attracted a lot of life as well, especially lobsters and sting rays all over. I love this site as you can not see the other wrecks from each other. So the dive is like four sites in one, as we explore one wreck, then swim off into the blue until the other wreck appears out of nowhere, we explore that wreck and then swim off again. It always feels like an adventure. The coolest thing that I have ever seen at this site, is the biggest lobster ever! It must have been two foot long, I don’t know how many pounds as I don’t eat lobster, but it was huge!

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