Cable Reef/The Teigland

Location: Dutch Side
Access: Boat
Depth: 75 feet (23 meters)
Type: Wreck/Reef Combo
Look for: Spotted eagle rays cruising by!

When we moor up at this site, we’re right on top of the Teigland, a freighter that sank in 1993. The wreck is the deepest point of the dive, and it’s busy with lots of life. Eels, crabs, lobsters, schools of fish… and often sharks too! After checking out the wreck, the dive continues around the reef that is right alongside. There are ledges, a swim-thru, and lots of crevasses to explore. As you round the corner of the reef, you’ll want to keep one eye looking out into the blue for spotted eagle rays, stingrays, sharks and barracuda. Nurse sharks are frequently spotted snoozing under a ledge, and turtles have been known to take a break here as well.