Dutch Side

The sites on the Dutch side of St Martin are completely different to the dive sites on the French side of the island. There are more wrecks on the Dutch side of the island and the reefs have a higher density of barrel sponges.

The Dutch Marine reserve surrounds many of the sites by the mile marker buoy, in front of Philipsburg inside the Man of War Shoal Marine Park . Some of the wrecks on the Dutch side include the Porpoise, the Fuh Sheng, The Gregory, The Bridge, Carib Cargo, Cable Reef and the Proselyte.

You can learn more about the Dutch Nature Reserve by clicking HERE.

There are also some lovely reefs, like Crazy Horse and Charlie’s Shoal, and some of the sites have a combination of reef and wreck features, such as Cable Reef and the Proselyte.

Our new Dutch Side location, at Bobby’s Marina in Philipsburg is the ultimate in convenience for diving on the Dutch Side. If you’re staying on the island, the marina has parking as well as easy access for taxis, and if you’re a cruise shipper, we’re a quick walk or even quicker water taxi ride away from the cruise ship terminal! And once we head out, it’s just a few minutes boat ride to reach the Man of War Shoal Marine Park and dive in!