Snorkeling – Two Site Snorkel Trip

Snorkeling in Saint Martin is great. There are snorkeling opportunities at many of the beaches such as Pinel Island (Illet Pinel) or Mullet Bay.  However, Octopus Diving takes snorkelers to less accessible sites by boat which feature more opportunities to see a variety of wildlife. Our snorkeling trips are for those snorkelers that are interested in spending quality time in the water and seeing amazing wildlife.

Creole Rock is the first site that we visit. Located within the marine reserve our snorkelers have been known to swim with dolphins, hang out with eagle rays and check out cool octopus. Of course, there is a plethora of other fish life as well.  The second site that we visit is called Turtle Reef. Why do we call it Turtle Reef, you ask? This is because we see turtles at this site more frequently than any other site. We see Green Turtles and also Hawksbill Turtles the most frequently, although Loggerhead turtles have also been spotted here.

The gorgeous Creole Rock

The gorgeous Creole Rock

If you would like to snorkel with us, you can join one of our dedicated snorkeling excursions. We run these everyday at 1:30 PM check-in time.  The cost for snorkeling on our half day excursion on our dedicated snorkel trips is $65 per person. We visit Creole Rock and Turtle Reef and the entire trip is about 3 hours and a half in length.

You may also prefer to do a private snorkel charter, for the ultimate in VIP service.

Reef Diving in St Martin | Sint Maarten

Reef Diving|St Martin | Basse Espgnole