Combination Diving and Snorkeling

snorkeling st martinAre you a diver and one of your travel companions only wants to snorkel? We offer extremely popular combination trips just for people like you! Especially with larger groups, we understand it is difficult to schedule a trip that has something for everyone. If you don’t want to leave your non-diving buddies on the shore, then why not sign up for a combination trip where you can dive and other people can snorkel.

We are always trying to create the best trips for our clients and because we understand families and our services take out small trips, so we are able to do this. You might be wanting to try scuba diving, but your friend isn’t ready. Or, your beautiful dive buddy may be pregnant and not able to dive with you. Maybe you are traveling with your kids and they aren’t old enough to dive yet? (Minimum age is 10 y/o) So many different scenarios and we want to create a trip for you all.

Star Fish while Snorkeling St MartinFor our combination trip of diving AND snorkeling we visit Creole Rock and Turtle Reef. While one person in the group in blowing bubbles, the other in the group can either hang out on our comfortable shaded boats with a good book, or they can be catching the bubbles on the surface with their snorkels.

The cost of snorkeling on a combination trip is $65 dollars, this includes all snorkeling equipment needed. The cost of diving on a combination trip is the same as diving on any other trip. Please check out our prices page for more information on that.

If you prefer, you can also choose to do a private diving charter as snorkelers are always welcome on private diving charters at no extra cost.