Schooled in St. Maarten: Tips & Tricks for Your Kids’ First Diving Trip

19 Sep

diving trips in st maarten

It’s always summer and high time for vacation in another part of the world – especially on the island of St. Maarten If you’re thinking of booking a holiday trip so you and your little ones can escape the upcoming cold, you’re on the right track! This Caribbean island truly is a water paradise, and by getting the entire family ready for diving trips in St. Maarten, you’re well underway to having the perfect, fun-filled family vacation that will leave you counting down the days ‘til you make your trip.

There’s lots to do on the island to experience the tropical lifestyle, but there’s nothing like a diving trip for the entire family to get the complete experience. If your kids love the water and want to explore the rich life teeming beneath the surface, make sure they have the best time by preparing for a scuba diving adventure in St. Maarten. Here’s how:

Choose Family-Friendly Diving Destinations

St. Maarten is home to lots of diving sites perfect for the entire family, so whether you’re just diving for fun or setting out your fins for a family diving adventure, there’s surely a spot for you! With Octopus Diving, you can book trips and excursions to St. Maarten’s most famous sites, like Mullet Bay, Cupecoy, and Pinel Island to name a few. A huge bonus: these sites are great for snorkeling, too, so if your little ones like staying on the surface, but still want to experience rich marine life, you know for sure St. Maarten is the way to go!

Scuba Diving Lessons for Kids

If your family’s really serious about underwater fun and want to take your adventure in St. Maarten on a whole other level, you can prepare your kids for the diving trips you’re about to go on with scuba diving lessons. This way, they can get used to wearing scuba gear early on, as well as learn how to breathe off a tank.

Depending on their age, your kids can get a sneak peek of the full diving excursion experience through these lessons that vary in depth limitations, help them practice buoyancy, show them a fun time with underwater photos, and even gain an appreciation for environmental awareness, especially about their favorite marine friends.

Have Your Scuba Gear Ready & Serviced

When booking a diving trip in St. Maarten, make sure that your dive shop knows your little ones are with you, too, and what their ages are. This is so the team at Octopus Diving can tailor the excursion especially for you, so your little ones won’t be left out of the fun if you end up in sites with depth restrictions that aren’t very kid-friendly.

Letting us know your kids are coming along also helps us prepare the right wetsuits and other diving equipment best suited for their size and diving experience. Additionally, letting us know about your kids also helps us make sure that your diving trip has the right divemaster-to-guest ratio, ensuring your safety.

Get the Full Tropical Paradise Experience

There’s much to do on St. Maarten island, and to get the full tropical paradise experience, you’ll want the whole family engaged in other activities aside from diving trips, especially when the weather doesn’t look so good. This could be time to try something new, like local cuisine, or even explore other parts of town.

Think your kids will easily get bored during this time? You can keep them interested with various games, like spotting local flowers, birds, and famous landmarks you see along the way during a short road trip.

Get your kids ready for diving trips that will leave them in awe of the island’s rich underwater life! Book your diving adventure with us by calling 914-595-6450.