How to Ease Little Ones Into & Under the Water on Your St. Maarten Diving Trip

06 Oct

diving trips in st maarten

Booking a diving trip in St. Maarten makes for perhaps one of the most memorable vacations for your family, whether your kids naturally love the water or need some time getting used to it. To have the best time, it helps to ease your kids into the experience, and in the end, your entire family can get up close and personal with the island’s rich underwater scenery and capture memories for life.

Here are some quick tips for easing your little ones (and even the not-so-little ones too!) into the water:

Get the Right Equipment

The correct equipment is the most important thing for your child to enjoy everything that the waters of St. Maarten has to offer on your diving trip. For example, something as simple as a pair of diving fins that fit can make being underwater a lot easier. By wearing fins, your kids can even easily identify with their favorite cartoon fish and aquatic friends!

If your kids aren’t swimmers, make sure to ease them into the water with floating devices like water wings or float belts, so they can be assured that they are safe while having fun. With the right combination of safety gear, the whole family is sure to have a ton of fun in St. Maarten.

Use a Boogie Board

It’s common for kids with not much experience swimming to be already a bit afraid of getting into the water, so what more enticing them to go diving, right? But really, it’s not that hard to get kids onboard with diving trips in St. Maarten!

With the right gear and guidance from a divemaster, your kids can get ready to go diving with you. You can start them off with a boogie board as it delivers a sense of relief for children who are scared of taking their first step into water.  It can allow them to waddle around when leaning on top of it, and it can show a sense of security.

Stay Relaxed

You will find your view and surroundings beautiful on your diving trip as long as you stay relaxed and calm. Starting with deep breaths, you get your kids relaxed, and easily encourage them to take in the wonderful scenery underwater.

Another way to keep them calm is to assure that they are one hundred percent safe with our floating devices and our professionals keeping an eye on them. Also remember to stay close with your children and always being actively participating with them can help them remain calm as well.

Proper Breathing

Making sure your kid is nice and cozy is also a major part of having fun in St. Maarten. Practicing the correct breathing technique is key to being comfortable underwater.

Before going diving, it is recommended for you to teach them to only breathe through their mouth. Practice breathing at a steady and slow pace, to make sure they are relaxed when they are underwater. By getting comfortable on breathing through their mask, you can get the most out of your time underwater, without having to break the surface well before the trip is over due to problems with breathing.

Are you ready to explore St. Maarten’s rich underwater scene with the whole family? Ease your kids into and under the water and book a safe and fun-filled diving trip with us today! Call us at (914) 595-6450 to book.