Finding new dive sites in St Martin

13 Oct

It occurred to me the other day that I have been posting so much about St Martin, and things to do here, and travel tips, etc, that you may think that I’m not diving as much. I also thought that some of you that are reading this blog my not also be checking in with on Facebook, so you might not see some of the day to day things that I am posting about there.

So, why not just post a quick blog about the awesome dive trip that I had the other day, I thought to myself. So, that is what I am doing. This is not a complicated blog, I am not going to go over it and try and correct all the gramatical error, or spelling mistakes (:)), instead, I am just going to write and post!

September has been one of those amazing months where the water is so calm that when I looked out at the ocean I just felt guilty not to be on it, or better yet, under it. Grand Case Bay looked like a mirror to the sky and we took advantage. Plus, ironically, the best month for diving in St Martin is also the month that we have the fewest divers! Something about the whispers of hurricanes that keep people from the island in September. This means not only were conditions great for diving, the boat was free for us to take advantage. So, one day we went to a reef we call Old Timer’s Reef.

Why Old Timer’s Reef? Because when Chris first went diving on this reef he was with the Sattler brothers, Peter and Andy. They have dived many times with us over the years, but this was the first time they were diving with us together. A special trip for them and us.  The sea was so super calm that one day, that Chris took everyone for an exploration dive on the northern side of Tintamarre, somewhere that we just can’t dive in anything more than glass like conditions. The dive was awesome! Chris came back, called it “Old Timer’s Reef” after the two brothers. It stuck, and there you go.

I didn’t get to do that dive… and I wasn’t so happy about it. So, not that much later I decided to go out with some of the instructors and just do a fun dive here. The conditions were excellent, the water super super clear, and it felt so good to live in the Caribbean. I took over 150 photos or something ridiculous, and these are the best one’s below.