Compressor Sales & Services

After only a couple of years owning Octopus Diving, Chris Davies, realized that his engineering skills were needed throughout the Caribbean helping his colleagues and friends in the industry.  At Octopus Diving we believe that the compressor is the heart of a diving center, without, there is no diving at all.

Chris rebuilt this compressor

One of the many compressors Chris has rebuilt

In 2012 he decided to set up another company “Caribbean Technical Diving.” This company is designed to cater to the technical side of the industry of scuba diving, not only Technical Diving but also Compressor and Nitrox Membrane repair and refurbishment.

Chris quickly became noticed by some very well respected companies and is now considered the only “High Pressure” service technician in the Caribbean by Bauer, Brownies Marine Group, Coltri Sub and L&W Compressors.

Caribbean Technical Diving is now the official Dealer for:
Caribbean Technical Diving has now refurbished, reconditioned, maintained and repaired compressors on Super Yachts, Mega Yachts, Charter Yachts, Diving Centers and Fire departments on St. Martin, St. Maarten, Saba, St. Eustatia and throughout the Caribbean.
We are currently installing a large compressor and air storage system in St. Eustatia for Scubaqua.

Contact Chris Davies today!

Phone number:

+590 690 73 23 06 or +1 914 487 13 15

Chris’ qualifications:

Mechanical / Electrical / Hydraulic / Pneumatic Engineer educated to degree level. Over 23 years hands on experience as an Engineer. All work exceeds US and European standards, we don’t work on “Island Time”. Emergency call outs after hours or weekends are available, just call him.
Work is charged at $100 / hour on site, travel time is $30 / hour.