Dive Tours

Scuba Diving in Saint Martin is fantastic! We have a little something for everyone, including wrecks, canyons, lava tubes, healthy reefs and tons of marine life. In late winter we often dive with dolphins and have had close encounters with Humpback Whales. Turtles are regulars on our dive sites, as are sharks and eagle rays. For macro photography and for those of you that just love the small stuff, Saint Martin has sea horses, nudibranchs and a wide variety of other small critters.

We offer diving for both experienced divers, first time divers, and everyone in between!


2 tank dive trips

You may choose to join one of our two tank dive trips. In our Grand Case location we offer two dives in the morning at 8:30 am check-in time, and two in the afternoon 1:30 pm check-in time, and  in our Philipsburg location we offer two dives in the morning at 8:30 am check-in time, and one dive in the afternoon at 1:30 pm check-in time. Octopus Diving is the only St. Martin dive center that offers 2 tank dive trips, twice per day. 


Diving St Martin | Reef Dives | Japanese Garden

Lobsters hanging out at Japanese Garden


Private Diving Charters

For the true V.I.P. experience we offer private diving charters. All equipment is included as well as fruit, water and snacks.  Private charter itineraries are weather permitting, full day tours can be tailored to your needs and dive experience.  We can also offer diving charters to those that have a mixed group of certified divers, beginner divers and snorkelers. 



Diving for Cruise Shippers

You would be surprised how many cruise shippers we take diving

and snorkeling. Why so many? It is because so many cruise ship customers are sick of the service they are getting on those huge cattle boats that take out tons of divers. They are interested in quantity NOT quality and we are the exact opposite. For cruise ship divers we offer a 8:30 AM trip in our Bobby’s Marina location, near by the Cruise Port.


Dives for First Time Divers

The first time that you go diving is a very special experience and one that you never get back. We offer an experience unlike any other diving center offers. We can take you on a real scuba dive with experienced instructors inside the marine reserve, and you don’t have to have any experience at all. You simply need to be 10 years old or more and in good health. We also offer the chance to do two dives with us. You will be blown away with your first dive at Creole Rock, and then after the first dive your instructor will ask you if you would like to go on a second dive at a different site. If you say yes, then off we go to Turtle Reef where you get to experience the same underwater magic again.


Combination Trips

We also offer combination trips for mixed groups of divers AND snorkelers. This way, you can go diving and don’t have to leave any of your friends or family on the shore, they can come with you! You may even convince them to try diving for the first time! If they do just want to hang out on the boat or snorkel, then our popular combination trips are the way to go!


Snorkel Tours St Martin

Snorkel at the surface, dive below… up to you!