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Behind the scenes

27 Jan

Right now Josette is playing with Keiran, Chris is outside doing some maintenance on Octopussy, the divers are due back in about 30 minutes and I am writing the newsletter (and now this blog at the same time). I was actually going to write a small section the newsletter about how we put in and […]

I took photo of what?

25 Jan

It is a Saturday morning and I know that most of you are probably still in bed (well, those without little children who don’t care what day of the week it is… they get up at 6:30 AM no matter if their mom or dad stayed up till midnight the night before. Remember when midnight […]

The Ghost Ship – by Chris

29 Jan

“The Ghost Ship” sounds like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean, however the Ghost Ship that we dived recently is real and probably one of the last existing mysteries of the Caribbean. About 3 years ago I was informed about a ship that was found and nobody knew about it. This ship had no […]