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Schooled in St. Maarten: Tips & Tricks for Your Kids’ First Diving Trip

19 Sep
diving trips in st maarten

It’s always summer and high time for vacation in another part of the world – especially on the island of St. Maarten If you’re thinking of booking a holiday trip so you and your little ones can escape the upcoming cold, you’re on the right track! This Caribbean island truly is a water paradise, and […]

The Best Diving Spots in St. Martin

22 Aug

The waters surrounding St. Martin are teeming with adventure, just waiting to be explored, by divers of all levels of experience, so book a diving tour today! Here is a short list of some of the best diving spots on the in St. Martin. Creole Rock Home to an incredible underwater landscape, it’s no wonder […]

New Site

03 Jun

Well,  the new site is finally live. It was a stressful operation, I must admit. The actual site was completed awhile ago, we used an outside expert from Soul Team Travel and Marketing to work with us, most specifically David Basiov. Although he put the site together for us, there was still a lot of […]

Behind the scenes

27 Jan

Right now Josette is playing with Keiran, Chris is outside doing some maintenance on Octopussy, the divers are due back in about 30 minutes and I am writing the newsletter (and now this blog at the same time). I was actually going to write a small section the newsletter about how we put in and […]


19 Jan

I know, I know… I haven’t been blogging that much lately. The thing is, I feel obligated to write about scuba diving (seeing as this is a blog for a scuba diving center that I own) and to be honest, I haven’t been diving that much lately. I recently taught an underwater photography course (which […]

New Dive Boat

10 Jan

Our brand new 30 ft. dive boat “Kraken” has arrived! Kraken is the latest addition to the Octopus Diving Fleet. She is a brand new vessel that was custom built for Octopus Diving in 2013 and delivered on December 15th, 2013.  She is a 30 ft Island Hopper with a 12 ft beam, making her […]

Could it get any better?

24 Mar

Hey Blog Followers, Thanks again for following the blog and hope that you are all well. Its been a while since we blogged, mainly because we have had another crazy few weeks of business which is just awesome. Both boats have been working this week and last and we have had Certification after Certification. You […]

Lemonade! Buy your lemonade!

04 Feb

Last Sunday was really fun as all of our divers came back to the dive shop and were greeted with some lemonade. This was courtesy of our local lemonade sellers, Lola and Julia. Hopefully they will be here every Sunday as they did pretty well (most of the lemonade was bought from me however!) For […]


29 Jan

This is just a quick one, I realize that I didn’t blog for a couple of days, but we have been a little busy. I just wanted to say congratulations to Youssef and Andrew, who recently certified as Open Water Divers. They did a great job, and in some tough conditions too. We had a […]

Beer and Pizza and Nitrox?

26 Jan

Well, we had a really lovely Octopus Diving night last night. Brad and Paula, who had been diving with us all week, kindly invited us over for some Beer and Pizza. Brad and Paula are both from Minnesota and they are such a lovely couple, we really had a blast hanging out with them. They […]

Blog from Kevin

25 Jan

Some of you may know Kevin, as he is around the dive shop quite a lot. He wanted to blog something… so here it goes. The following is Kevin talking, he has written it down, now he is reading to me, but the words are from him, he wants you to know this. “About Chris […]

10 Dolphins

23 Jan

Yup, you read it correctly… 10 Dolphins. So there I was, I had just finished a productive afternoon in the office, (cleaning and organizing the shop, some accounts, some work on the website, I also taught two local kids how to use the Recreational Dive Planner) when in walks Stuart. First of all he just […]

January Rolls On

19 Jan

I can’t believe how long it has been since my last blog, so please let me sincerely apologise. I think that I had writer’s block, or blogger’s block I should say. Not that there haven’t been really great things to Blog about… Over Christmas and New Years we were really busy, taking out loads of […]

New Reefs

17 Dec

Hey Blog followers, We hope the weather isn’t too bad where ever you are, I read this mnorning that the UK is bracing itself for snow and freezing temepratures…..brrrrrr…! Its nice and warm here!! This is an update on our new reefs that we have been exploring. Exploration diving is an important part of any […]

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

26 Nov

Chris and I just had our turkey dinner at Pineapple Pete’s (we weren’t in the mood for cooking) and I wanted to spend a couple of minutes mentioning what we are thankful for… so here it goes! We are thankful for 1. All of our loyal customers who we have had the pleasure of diving […]

Time Is Moving…

21 Nov

Wow… I can’t believe that it is almost Thanksgiving! Time has gone by so fast, it feels like we have just came back from our 2 weeks in NY, but that was almost 6 weeks ago now. To think of it, I haven’t had a day off since then. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink […]

Fantastic Afternoon

12 Nov

This afternoon I went to Tintamarre with Marisa (my open water student), her husband Louis, and Michael. Michael was diving with us in May, and we are super happy to have him back. When I was talking to Michael he was telling me that he is always reading the blog, so I thought that it […]

Octopussy in the Water

11 Nov

Well, we are all set with Octopussy, and on Suday she had her maiden voyage. It was awsome. We went with a group of the medical students, there were six of them, so it was a great test as the boat was full. We went diving at Tintmarre, doing a drift dive at Chico, and […]

Octopussy…Almost There!

08 Nov

Hello everyone. I know that I have been terrible about blogging lately, this is simply because so much has been going on. I just wanted to update everyone on the new boat. She is almost there. What is holding us back at the moment, is that we decided to change the engines. We had bought […]

New Season

27 Oct

Hi Blog followers, We are back from vacation – 2 weeks in New York and Chris had a week in Miami where he is now a Certified Mercury Technician. Thanks to Wes and Gillian (Sally’s parents) for entertaining us for 2 weeks – we had a great time. We also had four amazing days in […]

Check out

22 Sep

Hey everybody, This is Chris just to give you an update on what’s been happening in the world of Octopus Diving. Last week Sally, myself and Christian spent 4 days on Saba with we had an awsome time and are now setting up trips to St.Martin and Saba. Scouts place is beautiful and the […]