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4 Activities to Fill Your Vacation Itinerary in St. Martins

13 Dec
diving trips in st. Martin

With a vibrant culture and beautiful scenery, it’s easy to fall in love with St.Martin. Only covering about 37 square miles, St. Martin may be small but this tiny Caribbean island has a lot to offer. With a variety of activities available, including diving tours and courses, you’ll never be bored during your trip to […]

4 Reasons To Book Your Diving Trip In St. Martin This Winter

10 Nov
diving trips in St Martin

The island of St. Martin is located in the northeastern Caribbean. With many flights coming from the US and Canada, you are just one short and easy flight away from diving deep into this tropical paradise. Here are some reasons to make yourself believe that your diving trips in St. Martin will be memorable: Perfect […]

How to Ease Little Ones Into & Under the Water on Your St. Maarten Diving Trip

06 Oct
diving trips in st maarten

Booking a diving trip in St. Maarten makes for perhaps one of the most memorable vacations for your family, whether your kids naturally love the water or need some time getting used to it. To have the best time, it helps to ease your kids into the experience, and in the end, your entire family […]

Schooled in St. Maarten: Tips & Tricks for Your Kids’ First Diving Trip

19 Sep
diving trips in st maarten

It’s always summer and high time for vacation in another part of the world – especially on the island of St. Maarten If you’re thinking of booking a holiday trip so you and your little ones can escape the upcoming cold, you’re on the right track! This Caribbean island truly is a water paradise, and […]

The Best Diving Spots in St. Martin

22 Aug

The waters surrounding St. Martin are teeming with adventure, just waiting to be explored, by divers of all levels of experience, so book a diving tour today! Here is a short list of some of the best diving spots on the in St. Martin. Creole Rock Home to an incredible underwater landscape, it’s no wonder […]

New Site

03 Jun

Well,  the new site is finally live. It was a stressful operation, I must admit. The actual site was completed awhile ago, we used an outside expert from Soul Team Travel and Marketing to work with us, most specifically David Basiov. Although he put the site together for us, there was still a lot of […]

St Martin / St Maarten Currencies: Which currency should I use?

14 Apr

It’s 7 AM on a Monday morning right now. The kettle is on, bubbling away. The dive staff are outside working hard getting the boats ready for this mornings trips; loading tanks, sweeping, checking equipment, getting coolers ready, and more. Little Keiran, Emma and I have checked in with all the instructors and boat captains, […]

Behind the scenes

27 Jan

Right now Josette is playing with Keiran, Chris is outside doing some maintenance on Octopussy, the divers are due back in about 30 minutes and I am writing the newsletter (and now this blog at the same time). I was actually going to write a small section the newsletter about how we put in and […]

I took photo of what?

25 Jan

It is a Saturday morning and I know that most of you are probably still in bed (well, those without little children who don’t care what day of the week it is… they get up at 6:30 AM no matter if their mom or dad stayed up till midnight the night before. Remember when midnight […]


19 Jan

I know, I know… I haven’t been blogging that much lately. The thing is, I feel obligated to write about scuba diving (seeing as this is a blog for a scuba diving center that I own) and to be honest, I haven’t been diving that much lately. I recently taught an underwater photography course (which […]

Is shorter better?

24 Aug

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I think that this may be because over the years I am starting to feel the pressure to produce a long, wonderful story that is witty, humorous and insightful. (Or I just get caught up in my writing and end up going and going and going). Chris says […]

Nothing to do with diving….

16 Jul

Last week I got an email at around 3 pm from a gentleman called Daniel. It was just a short email to inquire if we had room for 12 snorkelers on a trip the next day. He was on a cruise ship and Tropical Storm Chantal has caused his excursion that day in St Thomas […]

Where does the time go?

15 Jun

I know I haven’t posted for awhile, in fact, so long that my own husband wrote a blog! Parents have said to me over and over “it goes by super fast” but I never really took them seriously until all of a sudden my little boy is almost 8 months old, eating solid food and […]

Rick and Danielle’s DSD

29 May

Rick and Danielle’s Discover Scuba. Sally hasn’t blogged for a while and I thought I should help in the blog department. I know I am not as good as writing as Sally, I tend to write as if I was taking apart a Compressor and putting it back together, slowly methodically placing each piece in […]

For Fran, Dave’s Mum

03 Feb

As I’m sure all employers can sympathize with, choosing new staff is one of the hardest tasks that we have. Plus, in the dive industry we are asking people to travel a long way for a job, and we never really get to interview them face to face, so it makes the choice a difficult […]

The Ghost Ship – by Chris

29 Jan

“The Ghost Ship” sounds like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean, however the Ghost Ship that we dived recently is real and probably one of the last existing mysteries of the Caribbean. About 3 years ago I was informed about a ship that was found and nobody knew about it. This ship had no […]

Finding the time…

16 Dec

I think that maybe lil’ Keiran doesn’t want me to write a blog. Seriously! Every time that I finally sit down to write, he demands my attention. Classic example, right now. He was sound asleep on the bed (looking super handsome in his blue shirt) and I thought “I know… I can write a blog” […]

St Martin and Credit Cards

03 Oct

Well, I just watched Greg from Arizona spend 26 minutes and 12 seconds on the phone to Bank of America Credit Cards only to get disconnected! Basically, Greg’s credit card was refused when he came to make payment. This isn’t because he doesn’t have sufficient funds, or anything like that, it is just because his […]

Shhhh, don’t tell Chris!

29 Sep

Well, I know that I have written some blogs about Stuart and our other staff throughout the years, and of course lil’ Roger, but I don’t think that I have taken the time to really express that my husband, Chris, is a genius. Don’t tell him I told you that though! As other wives can […]

September is hot…

07 Sep

Hurricane Leslie is sitting about 600 miles north of St. Martin at the moment. She is just sitting there, churning, gathering strength, moving just ever so slightly northward, but hardly at all. The great thing is that it is producing weather in St. Martin of absolutely no wind. This is great for diving! Calm seas, […]

Low season update.

06 Sep

Hey Blog Readers, This is another blog written by Mr. Sally, I know lot’s of you are interested in everything Octopus, so just thought this would be a great opportunity to update all of you. As many of you probably know by following Octopus Diving on Facebook Sally is pregnant and due 25th October. We […]

4 Years and Still Going….

10 Jul

Well, June 1st came and June 1st went and I never really wrote anything about the significance of that particular day. Well, June 1st, 2012 was our four year anniversary of Chris and I purchasing Octopus Diving and getting the keys. It is funny that when people come into the diving center to book diving […]

Sally’s Reef

11 Jun

It’s about time that I wrote a blog, I know. Sorry about that. I suppose in one hand life has just been going so fast the last month that I haven’t had time to reflect and write, but in the other hand I’ve just been grumpy because I can’t scuba dive and that is what […]

Free Dive shoot in the Bahamas

22 May

Hey Blog readers, I am afraid Sally is really busy at the moment so you have to put up with me for a blog, I know I suck at writing blogs, but Roger is too busy to do it, Billy is eating grass again so I am afraid it’s just me. We have been super […]

Appreciating Snorkeling

02 May

I have a friend called Heather. Heather is this beautiful, tall blond American girl with a huge smile, and a bigger heart. We worked together for about 6 months in the Bahamas at Stuart Cove’s. She is a diving instructor, just like me. In Heather’s “conventional” life she is a sign interpreter for deaf people. […]

Octopus Diving has some BIG NEWS!!!

07 Apr

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I know it has been so long since I have written a blog, but I do have my reasons. I also am well aware of the extreme suffering that you all must be going through, waiting for some exciting news from the Caribbean (can you tell the sarcasm in […]

Billy the Kidd

18 Feb

So, the other day Chris went for a walk in Guana Bay with lil’ Rog. Guana Bay is on the other side of the island and there is a really lovely path there that we like to take, and we can also take lil’ Rog as well, so he is happy. Chris left for the […]

What do you think about when you dive?

22 Jan

I was talking to Sean the other day, (he is one of our new Divemaster Interns and is from Jersey – the channel islands Jersey, part of the United Kingdom, NOT Jersey as in the New Jersey Turnpike) about what we think about when we dive. You wouldn’t believe the things that go through my […]

What am I selling in the shop?

07 Jan

The diving, I’m good at. Driving the boat, pretty good at that too! Answering email, I also get an “A” for this. Selling items in my shop, not doing such a great job at this 🙁 . The thing is, I’m not really a sales person, and I don’t really know what I should sell. […]

Destination Octopus Diving

06 Jan

This is just a quick post to show you our latest article in Destination Magazine. For those of you that have come to St. Martin you may have received a complementary copy of Destination Magazine on the flight on the way here. Well… last year we had a small article in the magazine with a […]

Awards for Octopus Diving

04 Jan

So, the other day I received a package from PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Now, normally I know when PADI is sending us a package. I have ordered some teaching materials, or some log books, or a couple of posters or something. This time I had no idea. The package was about 2 […]

Quick Trip to Saba

14 Dec

Chris and I recently went on a quick trip to Saba. We really needed a weekend to relax before the crazy busy season really gets in flow. I know that some of you are thinking “Sally needs a break from St. Martin, c’mon!” But for those of you that know Chris, you know that he […]

The boat leaves at 8!

06 Dec

We have this new system (new as in we’ve been doing it for 6 months) in which we radio from the house to the dive shop to let each other know when guests have arrived, when the trip has returned, etc. Calling cell phones we too expensive, plus these radios are great. I think there […]

Thank you, Dolphins!

23 Nov

Well, I said that my next blog would be an upbeat blog that would make you smile and laugh and nothing makes that happen more easily than dolphins. Yesterday I went for a dive with Greg and Eden from Phoenix, Arizona. Greg hadn’t dived in about 5 years so he was with me for the […]

Daylight Savings and St. Martin

04 Nov

I wanted to write a blog about daylight savings time, as we DO NOT PRACTICE Day Light savings time in St. Martin. This means that on November 6th everyone is going to “fall back” and 2 AM will become 1 AM, but we do not follow this on the island. 2 AM will still be […]

Bob… his name is Bob.

19 Aug

Well, I really should be working on something productive right now, like book keeping, or designing the new sign for outside the dive shop, but I don’t find myself motivated at all for those two activities, so instead, I thought I would waste your time by writing a blog (which you are obviously now reading!) […]

Three surface cover stories

14 Aug

The weather is so awesome this week, hardly any wind, little to no waves, the sun is shining, you would hardly believe it is the dreaded Cape Verde Season… I’m out diving this afternoon, yeah! I thought that I would write about some strange occurrences that have happened to me while I have been surface […]

Chris’ take on first time dives!

07 Aug

Why I love teaching Discover Scuba Divers. Before I became an Instructor I was working as a Divemaster in the UK for Deep Blue Diving in Plymouth. As a Divemaster you can teach Discover Scuba divers when properly trained. I love Discover Scuba Divers because they have no expectations, they have never breathed underwater before […]

Octopus Diving in Vietnam??

01 Aug

We recently got an email from two of our past divers, Art and Lynne, and they said that they had seen our branch or “name sake” in Vietnam while on a non-diving vacation. Chris and I thought that this was strange as we don’t have a sister company (nor branch) anywhere, let alone in Vietnam. […]

Just messin’ around

03 Jul

Well, my last blog was about how serious Chris and I take our diving, especially with first time divers, and how important safety is to us. I thought that I should also write a quick blog about how diving is also fun, and a little messing around is ok too. In the past I have […]

Diving in St. John

29 Jun

Well, I’m sure that all you are wondering why I am writing about diving in St. John when I clearly own a diving center in St. Martin, but this blog will explain it all… Chris and I recently went to St. John with our really great friends, The Wightmans. The Wightman family includes 8 people… […]

Stu update…

16 May

I thought that I would blog about Stuart as I haven’t done for awhile, and I love the face that he gives me when I tell him that I have written a blog about him. He sort of half smiles, quints his eyes, cocks his head to the side and says “What did you write […]

Saying goodbye to old equipment

12 May

I am the kind of person that keeps clothes because they have sentimental attachment for me. Like this tee-shirt that I have with a picture of duck on the front holding a six pack of Fosters and wearing an Australian cowboy hat and it says “Crocodile Duckdee” on the front. It is old and frayed […]

Diving with friends

17 Apr

We recently had some really great friends visit the island, Leslie and Jaret. Jaret I went to school together. And I’m not just talking about high school. Jaret and I went to Nursery School, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School together. There were a group of about 10 of us that were all together […]

Free Form Writing – read if you dare!

13 Apr

Well, I was lying in bed this morning, willing myself to get out and start the day, when I started thinking about how I should really put out a blog. Then I was thinking about what I should write about, what interesting anecdotes could I tell you all that would make you laugh and also […]

Chris’ Favorite Dive Sites

10 Mar

Sally recently put up a post on Facebook about favorite dive sites, so I though I would tell you about my favorite dive sites. The waters here still surprise me every day. We get dolphins, turtles, rays, sea horses and loads and loads of fish. I think that people really underestimate the diving here. But, […]

Another year older…

25 Feb

Well, it was my birthday yesterday! I have officially entered my 32nd year of existence, (that means I’m 31 years old). I decided not to do anything really special this year for my birthday. Last year, as some of you may remember from my blog about my 30th birthday, my uncle’s came down, my cousins, […]

Chris’ Blog

16 Feb

Sally normally blogs and we had that “You haven’t blogged for a while conversation” so thought I would put two fingers to the computer (I am not a fast typer!) and write a blog, so here it is. Usually when I have blogged in the past Sally complains that it’s too formal, she says I […]

Beneath the Sea

30 Jan

Some of you may have heard of DEMA, or the DIVING EQUIPMENT and MARKETING ASSOCIATION. This is a huge convention that takes place every year in either Florida or Las Vegas. Well, there is also another convention, that is a little smaller, but still really cool, that takes place at the Meadowlands in NJ. This […]

How is Roger doing?

22 Jan

Last year I blogged about our latest member of staff, Roger. Well, he isn’t the latest member of staff any more, but I thought that I would update everyone on how he is doing. As you will recall from my earlier posts and from the website staff pages Roger was a bit of a vagabond […]

Who would’ve thought it? Not me…

15 Jan

I was out diving the other day with a very nice man named Jerry. Jerry is from Atlanta, Georgia and apart from being a great diver, he is an avid underwater photographer. He loves taking his time with diving, going where he wants to, and in consequence he doesn’t like to have to wait around […]

Eating and Listening in St. Martin

07 Jan

I’m on a roll, folks! I’m on a roll… 3 blogs in 3 days! I know that my parents will be happy to be getting all these great updates from me. Actually, I haven’t spoken to my mom in a few days, so I probably should skype her. She did email me though, she said, […]

Diving with the French

06 Jan

I am American. I grew up in New York, although I do have an English mother from Essex, London (and please spare me the Essex girl jokes for those of you that are thinking them….!) and I was born in Denmark (but that is another story altogether). I have spoken English my entire life, except […]

Nanna in St Martin

05 Jan

I just wanted to take a quick moment to blog about my Nanna coming to St. Martin in December. I meant to blog about it in December, but it just didn’t happen as so much was going on, but it really was such a highlight for me, that I wanted to share it with all […]

Don’t hate me because I was diving with 9 dolphins!!!

03 Dec

Well, I haven’t blogged yet about what has been going on this last week, because I have been having too much fun!  First of all I should say that Rich Stevenson is here from Plymouth.  You will remember Rich from some of my previous blogs, like this one I know most of you will […]

Happy Turkey Day… Everyone!

25 Nov

Well, it is Thanksgiving again…. Can’t believe how fast time is going. Crazy. Every Thanksgiving I like to write a little blog about things that I am thankful for. This year there is so much, that I may run out of time before I have to quickly shower, make myself presentable, and head over to […]

Time Difference

21 Nov

This is just a quick blog to remind everyone that Saint Martin does not have daylight savings time, and in consequence we do not follow Eastern Standard Time during the months of Nov – March. So… for the next six months of the year we are one hour ahead of the Eastern United States. This […]

Serenity in the water

19 Nov

I went diving yesterday for the first time in a long time… well, a long time for me. It had been about 6 -7 weeks since I last went diving, but I remedied that yesterday by spending about 4 hours under the water! In the morning I went diving with Melanie from Switzerland. Her friend […]

Back in St. Martin

16 Nov

Well, as you may have realized, I didn’t accomplish my intention of blogging every day in order to keep you all updated on what we are doing. Well, something happened… I forgot all about you! No offense intended, it is just that the first week we were away we were still getting out of work […]

Wide Open Spaces

13 Oct

After writing this blog I decided to go back to the beginning and give you a short prologue… this blog is wordy to begin with, but then there are lots of photos, So hang in there!Chris and I love Saint Martin, but after being on the island for long stints of time it is really […]

We’re not in Kansas Anymore!!!

12 Oct

Well, as some of you may know, Chris and I are taking advantage of the low season to take a little break from Saint Martin, do some routine maintenance on the boats, compressors, etc and are currently on vacation in the great US of A. We (Stuart, Chris and I) all needed some time to […]

And September ends

01 Oct

Well, September has been a pretty quiet month for us. Quiet in terms of divers, but not quiet in terms of activity. We have still done some certifications. For example last weekend we certified Arash, Dave and Kassi. Here are those fine looking divers below… They did a great job! Stu and I team taught […]

My first diving experience

21 Sep

We take so many people out on their first dive, and it one of the parts about being a diving instructor that I really love the best. I love being able to share that experience with them, seeing there eyes underwater and watching the funny things that they do in their amazed state. The other […]

Lucinda List

18 Sep

Last year, (or was it earlier this year? Time just gets away from me sometimes….) we had a very enchanting diver with us, called Lucinda. Lucinda went diving with us 5 times, over a period of about 3 weeks. Not only did she go diving with us, but we also ended up sharing some drinks […]

After Earl…

16 Sep

Well, it is about time that I updated you all about how we are doing after Earl. I have put various updates on our Facebook page but I haven’t blogged about the actual hurricane that we had. This is mainly because Hurricane Earl really took a lot of out of me. In 2008 we had […]

Beach Clean Up!

24 Aug

Well, the beach clean up went really well yesterday! Stuart, Mark, Jen, Chris and I were the in-water team, and then there were about 30 people collecting garbage on the beach. Collected were 75 bags of plastic bottles, 20 bags of glass and about 30 bags of mixed garbage. We took about 10 bags of […]

Diving with wide angle and Macro!

19 Aug

The weather has been so great the last week that I just have to talk about it. We go on everyday to check the weather and also the forecast for the upcoming week. Windguru is really for surfers and kite surfers, so there are little stars on each day marking how good it will […]

Beach Clean Up, MaTi Beach

19 Aug

This is a blog asking for your support in helping us do a Beach Clean Up this coming Monday, August 23rd. We will be at MaTi Beach from 7 Am onwards helping to get rid of all of the trash that has accumulated on MaTi beach.  MaTi beach is on the far side of Marigot […]

No internet blogging

16 Aug

Well. I know I haven’t blogged in awhile, but I have been super busy (a lot has been going on) and also I really believe that I need to be in the proper mood to write a blog. Right now is the perfect time because the internet isn’t working. This is one of the drawbacks […]

Repeat Repeat Repeat

18 Jul

We are so lucky here that we get so many repeat divers. Of course, we are happy because it means that we are doing something right, but also because we develop relationships with people (especially if they are diving with us all week) and then they leave. Which is kind of sad, but then they […]

My name is Luty… I shake my booty…

17 Jul

Get a beat going… imagine little Kevin starting to swing back and forth and eventually start shaking his butt back and forth (quite wildly I might add), and then we break out in song:: “My name is Luty, I shake my booty. The girls go wild, They want my child. But my wife, I love […]

Closed Circuit Diving in Saint Martin

10 Jul

Hey readers thanks for reading another blog from Octopus Diving. As some of you know, Octopus Diving is always trying to find new ways to provide great service and offer our customers new and exciting activities. So, we will soon be teaching Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) Diving in St.Martin. If you just want to try […]

Photos for the Ocean Magazine

06 Jul

I can’t believe how fast time is going… last night I had a dream that it was New Year’s Day 2011, already.  I dreamed to myself, “what happened to summer and autumn, and wasn’t I getting a vacation in October?” So, the passage of time must be on my mind at the moment. Anyway, it […]

Night Dive

01 Jul

I just wanted to quickly post about some of the awesome night dives that we have been doing lately.  I love night dives, there is just something about them that it really great!  Maybe it is the excitement just before, or all of the different creatures that we see, or maybe the fact that a […]

Blogger Guilt

25 Jun

Well, I just saw Ronnie, who was diving with us a few months ago, and he said “you’ve been getting really slack with your blogging lately.”  So, I feel kind of guilty about it.  Ronnie son, Ryan, is doing his open water course with us at the moment.  Or should I say he is flying […]

Email apologies

22 May

We are having some issues with email, so I apologize to anyone who received an email from us more than once… I know that I sent a test email to Laura (the president of our student dive club) saying “are you receiving this?” She replied “Yes. 7 times, so I think it is working.”  Oooops! […]

Lucky Sarah!

20 May

On Tuesday Chris and I went out on a private charter with Sarah and Jim. Both from Illinois they had chartered the boat for the whole day, and we all had so much fun. Jim is a certified diver with quite a few dives under his belt, but Sarah had never dived before at all, […]

Students… students… students!

16 May

I have loads of work to do concerning the accounting side of running a diving center. I need to enter all the receipts and payments for last months, calculate our spending and our budget for next month just to mention a few things. However, I find this all really boring, so instead I decided to […]

Underwater proposal!!!

14 May

Well, we have had our second underwater proposal here at Octopus Diving. I didn’t blog about the first one, which was last year, because… well… it didn’t go so well. When asked to tick a box for “yes” or “no” the girlfriend took the pencil and wrote on the slate “maybe.” It was a little […]

New Dive Staff

13 May

We would like to introduce you to the latest member of the Octopus Diving Team! His name is Roger and he is a local from Saint Martin. He loves the underwater world and although when he first came in looking for a job we told him that we didn’t really have any vacancies, he was […]

Ed, you will be missed

05 May

This post is kind of a sad one, as Ed passed away the night before last.  Those of you that have been diving with us may remember Ed, he was the older gentleman that always stays at Les Alizes in the corner apartment right where we get on and off the diving boat.  He was […]

No, not dolphins, but just as cool!

29 Apr

The other day I was diving at Turtle Reef with Peter doing his advanced open water course.  It was the underwater navigation portion of the course and I had just handed Peter a slate to draw a map of his interpretation of the site and I saw something in the sand.  There was some surge this […]

No wind, no wind

23 Apr

It may get a little hot when there is no wind when you are on the island, but when you are out at sea on a diving boat and there is no wind, it is just amazing. First of all we can go really fast in the boat when the seas are like glass, (as […]

Quick Post

22 Apr

This is just a quick blog to let you know that you can  now post your own photographs on our site.  Just go to “Diving Saint Martin” on the home page, then select “Photo Galleries” and then select “Submit Photos.”  Upload the photos to the website and then they get sent to me for approval […]

New Dive Sites!

19 Apr

Hello everyone! As you know we are always searching for new dive sites. Sometimes we take customers on these exploration dives, and sometimes we just go out ourselves. I am going to write about two days that we went out. It was actually about 3 weeks ago that we went. Alex was still completing his […]

Whales for Aure’s Birthday!

04 Apr

Well, I suppose that yesterday was Aure’s birthday and the whales were around today, but I still like to think that the whales came to sing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the water. Firstly, let me tell you about Aure’s birthday. It was a really fun night and we all dressed up like Pirates (of course, […]

For Stuart’s Mum

24 Mar

Apparently Stuart’s mum reads my blog all the time. This way she gets to keep up tabs on what her little boy is getting up to in Saint Martin all the way from Sunny England (well, sometimes sunny England). So, I thought that I would write a small blog about Stuart, so that she can […]

Could it get any better?

24 Mar

Hey Blog Followers, Thanks again for following the blog and hope that you are all well. Its been a while since we blogged, mainly because we have had another crazy few weeks of business which is just awesome. Both boats have been working this week and last and we have had Certification after Certification. You […]

So much to say…

28 Feb

I have had so much to blog about but not enough time… so I think what I am going to do is just blog about a couple of things one day, and leave the rest for the next day. Otherwise, this entry will end up being too long. So, what is it that people want […]

Lemonade! Buy your lemonade!

04 Feb

Last Sunday was really fun as all of our divers came back to the dive shop and were greeted with some lemonade. This was courtesy of our local lemonade sellers, Lola and Julia. Hopefully they will be here every Sunday as they did pretty well (most of the lemonade was bought from me however!) For […]


29 Jan

This is just a quick one, I realize that I didn’t blog for a couple of days, but we have been a little busy. I just wanted to say congratulations to Youssef and Andrew, who recently certified as Open Water Divers. They did a great job, and in some tough conditions too. We had a […]

Beer and Pizza and Nitrox?

26 Jan

Well, we had a really lovely Octopus Diving night last night. Brad and Paula, who had been diving with us all week, kindly invited us over for some Beer and Pizza. Brad and Paula are both from Minnesota and they are such a lovely couple, we really had a blast hanging out with them. They […]

Blog from Kevin

25 Jan

Some of you may know Kevin, as he is around the dive shop quite a lot. He wanted to blog something… so here it goes. The following is Kevin talking, he has written it down, now he is reading to me, but the words are from him, he wants you to know this. “About Chris […]

10 Dolphins

23 Jan

Yup, you read it correctly… 10 Dolphins. So there I was, I had just finished a productive afternoon in the office, (cleaning and organizing the shop, some accounts, some work on the website, I also taught two local kids how to use the Recreational Dive Planner) when in walks Stuart. First of all he just […]

7 Eagle Rays

22 Jan

Well, I know I missed yesterday, but I was on the boat all day, so I didn’t get a chance to blog. Yesterday was absolutely awesome though, both the morning and the afternoon trips. First of all, both groups were great. Everyone seemed to get along really well, lots of joking, laughing and talking on […]

January Rolls On

19 Jan

I can’t believe how long it has been since my last blog, so please let me sincerely apologise. I think that I had writer’s block, or blogger’s block I should say. Not that there haven’t been really great things to Blog about… Over Christmas and New Years we were really busy, taking out loads of […]

New Reefs

17 Dec

Hey Blog followers, We hope the weather isn’t too bad where ever you are, I read this mnorning that the UK is bracing itself for snow and freezing temepratures…..brrrrrr…! Its nice and warm here!! This is an update on our new reefs that we have been exploring. Exploration diving is an important part of any […]

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

26 Nov

Chris and I just had our turkey dinner at Pineapple Pete’s (we weren’t in the mood for cooking) and I wanted to spend a couple of minutes mentioning what we are thankful for… so here it goes! We are thankful for 1. All of our loyal customers who we have had the pleasure of diving […]

Time Is Moving…

21 Nov

Wow… I can’t believe that it is almost Thanksgiving! Time has gone by so fast, it feels like we have just came back from our 2 weeks in NY, but that was almost 6 weeks ago now. To think of it, I haven’t had a day off since then. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to rethink […]

Fantastic Afternoon

12 Nov

This afternoon I went to Tintamarre with Marisa (my open water student), her husband Louis, and Michael. Michael was diving with us in May, and we are super happy to have him back. When I was talking to Michael he was telling me that he is always reading the blog, so I thought that it […]

Octopussy in the Water

11 Nov

Well, we are all set with Octopussy, and on Suday she had her maiden voyage. It was awsome. We went with a group of the medical students, there were six of them, so it was a great test as the boat was full. We went diving at Tintmarre, doing a drift dive at Chico, and […]

Octopussy…Almost There!

08 Nov

Hello everyone. I know that I have been terrible about blogging lately, this is simply because so much has been going on. I just wanted to update everyone on the new boat. She is almost there. What is holding us back at the moment, is that we decided to change the engines. We had bought […]


27 Oct

Sally and Chris welcome you to Octopus Diving, St Martin / Sint Maarten’s most exclusive diving and snorkeling operation! Small dive groups Exclusive dive spots Full range of PADI courses with 2 students per instructor Over 30 of the best French and Dutch sites $100 two tank dive trips Over 700 FIVE star reviews on […]

New Season

27 Oct

Hi Blog followers, We are back from vacation – 2 weeks in New York and Chris had a week in Miami where he is now a Certified Mercury Technician. Thanks to Wes and Gillian (Sally’s parents) for entertaining us for 2 weeks – we had a great time. We also had four amazing days in […]

Check out

22 Sep

Hey everybody, This is Chris just to give you an update on what’s been happening in the world of Octopus Diving. Last week Sally, myself and Christian spent 4 days on Saba with we had an awsome time and are now setting up trips to St.Martin and Saba. Scouts place is beautiful and the […]