And September ends

01 Oct

Well, September has been a pretty quiet month for us. Quiet in terms of divers, but not quiet in terms of activity. We have still done some certifications. For example last weekend we certified Arash, Dave and Kassi. Here are those fine looking divers below…

They did a great job! Stu and I team taught the course, and I really had loads of fun working with Stu. I can’t remember the last time we did an open water course together, but I loved it. As an instructor it is important to see what other instructors do, or say. Do they show skills differently, or explain something in a different way?
We have standards that are set by the Professional Association of Diving instructors (PADI) but then it is up to the instructor how they specifically teach a skill. For example, teaching the skill of breathing from a free flowing regulator, Stu likes to teach it a different way then I do. Or weight removal and replacement. If I like the way that Stu teaches it, I can steal it for later. Or vice versa. It is kind of like we are chefs and we steal each others recipes or cooking techniques along the way.
Anyway… it was loads of fun.
We also have had some great dives, like the dives I did yesterday with Doug and Donna, Jason and Alexis and Steve (aka Philip). Stu took the Reynolds family out yesterday morning for a private charter. They are no relation to my family, who are also Reynolds, but nobody is perfect!
We are closing in October, well… on this Monday the boat comes out of the water, so October 4. Even though we live in paradise and most of you are coming to see us on your vacation, Chris and I need a vacation as well! It seems like we are living the dream, and for the most part we are, but this can also be a stressful industry to work in. And honestly, sometimes St. Martin can be a difficult island to own a business on as well.
Here is a small example. When first arriving in St. Martin it is difficult to figure out the whole currency situation. If you have read some of my blogs in the past you will see that there is a whole blog concerning currency. Finally, I feel like we have it all figured out now. But wait. Hold the Phone (as my 7th grade English teacher was so fond of saying). It isn’t over yet. On 10 October 2010, Sint Maarten will become a separate self governing country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Before this, the Dutch side was part of the Netherlands Antilles, however this is being dissolved at the end of next week. There is talk, not sure how much of it is that accurate, or using the East Caribbean Dollar here, which would mean that there would be 4 currencies on the island at the same time. The gilder (which they will probably phase out eventually), the euro, the dollar and the EC dollar. Phew! I’m scared already.
That is just one example. But at any rate, we are looking forward to some well deserved R & R!
I do feel bad emailing all of you to say that we won’t be open when you are here. Especially Randy, who I certified last year, and also Aaron and Anne who did a discover scuba dive with me last year, and planned to come back to get certified with me! Randy even posted on Facebook that he thinks that the divers should decide when Chris and I get to go on vacation, but I don’t think that would work…
I will post about our travels and put up photos, so if you are interested in what we are doing, then keep tuned in.
So, where are we going, I hear you ask? Well, first we are flying to NY and meeting up with my folks. Then we are all flying together to Phoenix, Arizona where my mom has arranged a week touring the Grand Canyon (yeah!!!). Then we are heading to San Fransisco to stay with some great people that we met through Octopus. They were our divers and quickly became our friends, John and G. So, we are really excited to see them and spend some time on the west coast of the US. Then we go back to NY to see my parents again and will stay there for a bit.
So, if you are in any of those areas and you would like to meet up, just give me an email. We will be checking email daily, so don’t worry about that. We already have dinner plans with Malcolm and his wife from Scarsdale. My parents live in Croton, Westchester, by the way. So we will be in that area. We have had a lot of divers from NY, so don’t be shy if you want to go for a drink or something while we are in NY. Do I post too much about myself on the blog? That is because it still feels like the only people that read the blog are my parents! You now know that I grew up in Croton, and my family name was Reynolds before I got married. You probably also can figure out my birthday and my age. However, I will not blog my SS #, that would just be silly.
Oh… I have a random question for everyone. I check our website statistics to see who goes on our site, what they are doing, and also how they got there. Of course, I am always interested in looking at the key words that people search for to get to the site. Well, one of the most common searches that leads people to is “Chris Luty Scuba.” Now… Chris Luty (or Luty as we called him) was working with us for a couple of months earlier in the year. So, I blogged about him, he had a staff page for a bit. It just seems really strange that people are searching for “chris luty scuba” and getting to our website. I asked Luty about it, and we agreed it must be someone stalking him. Any thoughts on this? Seems really strange.
Alright, I am going to tidy up the shop, we’ve got divers and the season isn’t over yet!
If you do feel like you want more interaction from us, and the blog isn’t enough, then just go to Facebook, search for Octopus Diving, and we are there. So far we have 447 fans, but I want to get to 1,000 before 2011… I write little anecdotes there, post photos, and more!
Ok, over and out!

(Sally wrote this blog 🙂 )

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