Our Equipment

With Airlines charging more and more for excess baggage why not leave your dive equipment behind and rely on our new, highly maintained rental equipment to ensure your dive is a breeze and you keep your travel costs down?
In addition we don’t charge per piece of equipment, we have a standard two tank dive price, that includes all essential equipment (wetsuits, BCDs, masks, fins, regulators, weights and tanks).

Check out our awesome equipment from head to toe:

Rental Regulator System

Rental Regulator System

Having dived all over the world we have always used Scubapro MK2 regulators – Why, I hear you ask? Well as Chris would say “They are bomb proof, you could back your truck over them and they will still work!!” Chris has used Scubapro MK2 Regulators for years even in cold UK waters….brrrrr,  as they are just so easy to breathe. The new MK2 Plus is now coupled with the streamlined, low profile Scubapro R295 Primary and Octopus, with the Venturi set to stop any free flows, (which was a problem on the old R195 regulators). We use Sherwood pressure gauges and depth gauges which prove to be awesome and problem free.  The other hoses are standard Scubapro which are constantly monitored for quality. Only the best at Octopus! All regulators are rinsed in fresh water and then the mouthpieces cleaned with an antiseptic solution. If you do want to bring or buy your own mouthpiece, then we will fit it on our regulators for you at no extra charge. (You can also buy your own mouthpieces in the shop for $10).

We know that not all faces are the same. This is why we have masks for all types, small faces, big faces, narrow faces and even those of you with big noses! These masks are constantly monitored daily for defects, wear and replaced with no expense spared. On the boat we have DEFOG that we apply before each dive and all masks are rinsed in Antiseptic solution once they get back to the dive shop.  All our masks are “High End”, and are not only included in our rental equipment, but we also use the same brands ourselves.  The standard rental mask from most diving centers is normally cheap, uncomfortable and leaky and retail at about $10. Not at Octopus Diving… if we won’t wear them why should you? We also offer a “Try before you buy” where you can use any mask of your choice to Scuba Dive or Snorkel in St. Martin and if you like it, we have it in stock for you to buy.

We use Scubapro Scout Masks, Scubapro Frameless, and more!

Rental Scubapro Pilot BCD

Rental Scubapro Pilot BCD

The BCD has taken a huge transformation from a flotation device in the 1970’s to a unique piece of equipment with pockets, integrated weight systems and all kinds of add ons and attachments.  After using various BCD’s we have found that the Scubapro Pilot is the perfect BCD for the dive school. Again all our BCD’s are meticulously maintained, kept in excellent condition and with padded backplates provide a comfortable dive even without a wetsuit.

We use a variety of wetsuits for sizing purposes however we try to standardize with the Scubapro 3/2 shorty and Full length suits. All suits are in excellent condition, washed in Anti-septic solution after every dive and hung to dry in our equipment room.

We use the following full foot fins and open heel fins with booties upon request; Mares Quattro, Mares Avanti Pro. Again all fins are in excellent condition, rinsed and monitored daily for wear.

We have Suunto Zoop Computers for rent (upon request).  These are simple to use and in a few minutes we can easily explain the important functions of these excellent tools.  If you would like to use a computer, there is an additional charge; Suunto Zoop’s are $10 per 2 tank dive.

If you have any questions about our rental equipment, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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