4 Reasons To Book Your Diving Trip In St. Martin This Winter

10 Nov

diving trips in St Martin

The island of St. Martin is located in the northeastern Caribbean. With many flights coming from the US and Canada, you are just one short and easy flight away from diving deep into this tropical paradise. Here are some reasons to make yourself believe that your diving trips in St. Martin will be memorable:

Perfect Weather

St. Martin has an average of 26 to 29 degrees celsius everyday and are usually very sunny. December through April is often the dry season with an average rainfall of 2 inches per month. We are very confident that you have a very beautiful and sunny weather for your diving trip at St. Martin.

Usually when it rains, it will only be a quick shower that occurs in the afternoon. The temperature drops a little in nighttime but they are usually not lower than 21 degrees celsius. This is the perfect sleeping weather that makes you fall asleep easily and the ability to wear pants at night with ease. When you are out at night, it is recommended to carry a light sweater.

Variety of Beaches

The island of St. Martin has 37 different beaches and each having its own distinct personality, only factor that doesn’t change is the pure turquoise water. Water temperature is an average of 80 degrees and the sand is very soft.

There are so much varieties, that you can literally choose your beach flavors. You can enjoy beaches where you rent a beach chair and get served a nice foren fruity drink or you can even find a nice cozy spot with privacy where you can even tan in the nude.

Here is a broad idea on some of the beaches. There are the tranquil beaches of the French lowlands, or Terres Basses where you can find a private spot to enjoy your stay or in Orient Bay where you eat at a beachside cafe and then you can sign yourself up with our water activities that will make your diving trip at St. Martin worthwhile.  

First Time Snorkelers? Beginner Diving Sites!

Both the French and Dutch side of the island are home to a very large population of marine conservations. There are over 45 diving sites on St. Martin but here are some good starting spots for our beginners:

Mullet Bay- Located on the southwest end of the island, right around the corner of the world-famous Maho Beach. It has many interesting reef that is accessible near the shallow end. While snorkeling there be aware of the possible currents.

Bay Rouge and David’s Hole- Located on the French side. The beach got its name from the tinted reddish looking sand. The main attraction there is David’s Hole and it is very easy to locate it. It is a large sinkhole on the headland above Bay Rouge. David’s Hole was caused by heavy rains several years ago.

These are some great snorkeling opportunities suitable for beginners that will give them a great impression to our beautiful island.

Underwater Attractions – Reefs & Wrecks

There are 23 unique underwater dive sites to see on both the French and Dutch sides of the island.

The Dutch sides dive sites are very different than those of the French side of the island. The Dutch side is home to more wrecks as and the reefs have a higher density of barrel sponges.

Some of the wrecks on the Dutch side include the Porpoise, the Fuh Sheng, The Gregory, The Bridge, Carib Cargo, Cable Reef and the Proselyte.

Octopus Diving is located on the French Side of the island. This side of the island has fewer diving centers and more regulations concerning the environment. But the sites on the French side are tremendously plentiful with vast aquatic life and beauty.

Turtle Reef, Creole Rock and several other diving sites are near the small island of Tintamarre which is also a protected marine reserve. These sites include The Tugboat, Chico. Circus, Basse Espagnole, Little K’s Reef and the Japanese Garden.

There are also great dive sites in the channel between St Martin and Anguilla where the nutrient rich water creates healthy reefs,  strong corals and fish populations. These sites include Chris’s Reef, Fish pot and New Reef and the amazing deep wreck, La Renee.

Come visit St. Martin for a unique diving experience  with your family this holiday season! Call us at (914) 595-6450 for more information about your diving trip this winter.

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